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   Villis Dairy is a friendly family run farm nestling in the beautifully lush and verdant Cornish countryside, our family have been dairy farming for over 100 hundred years. All our products are made by hand ,on farm, by the family with our own delicious pastuerised Cornish goats milk from our herd of rather mischevious, but much cherished goats.

   Every step of production is handled by us, from a kids first moments,right from rearing,to milking, pasteurising, cheese and Kefir making, through to wrapping and bottling, all managed by us. Our desire to source a more enviromentally friendly packaging led us to using our own wool as an insulation packaging. The wool is collected from our Dorset sheep and washed and dried before being packed.

   By using only our own Cornish goats milk we can guarantee not only animal welfare of the highest standards, but also the absolute freshness and provenance of the milk we process.

                We believe that a healthy goat makes a happy goat and a happy goat                                                makes a happy gut.......



The Family

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The Goats

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The Dairy

The Bunney's 

The family consist of Phil and Jo , along with their four children Ellie,Jamie,Tom and Katie, all who in one form or another work on the farm.

The Girls; Robyn, Hope and Surprise

All our goats have names , they are much more than a number to us

The Hub of Villis Dairy

Here all our products are created daily with fresh milk

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